Summer in Tours: Student Testimonials

The Tours program is one of the rarest opportunities you’ll have at Georgetown. The program immerses you in French culture for six weeks, and during this time, you’ll have countless opportunities to tour breathtaking châteaux, taste the world’s best wine, and bond with your host family. You will learn lots of French, but you will also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for a culture that prides itself on its language. During my six weeks, I was able to visit Mont Saint-Michel, Bordeaux, and 7 different châteaux. The city of Tours also presents an excellent example of the vibrant French culture: the city is a unique blend of old and new, and you will not tire of exploring its various museums, restaurants, and even its petting zoo. When I returned from Tours, my French had improved vastly, but perhaps more importantly, I had experienced the best summer of my life.

Graham Piro, Tours 2016

This past summer in Tours was so amazing! I had such a wonderful time meeting not only new Georgetown people but French people as well. As part of the program I got to live with a host family, and I loved talking with my host parents every night at dinner about my day, and meeting other students from other universities who also lived at my beautiful host home. I also met tons of Georgetown students I didn’t know from the Hilltop in Tours, and can honestly say I made great friends from this summer who will last a lifetime. One of my favorite parts of the summer was the excursion program – we visited wineries, gorgeous châteaux, and even a goat farm! These trips were super fun and I really liked learning about French culture and history in a hands-on way. As part of the program we also got to meet with French students our age and get to know them. They took us out to watch the French national soccer team play, or to just hang out on a weekend, which was fun and exciting! I must say, I think the real lessons in French culture came from sitting in a restaurant at Place Plume screaming and cheering at the TV with the French people as France played in the Eurocup! Spending my summer in Tours was honestly so much fun, and I’m so glad I did it. From meeting new people to stuffing myself with all the delicious wine, bread, cheese, and pastries, to traveling around France and seeing all the beautiful sights, it most definitely was the best summer I’ve ever had. All the time I find myself missing my morning walk through the city to class, getting an éclair from les Halles, and just enjoying that relaxed French atmosphere. Doing this program is definitely something I’ll never regret!

Lily Tyndall, Tours 2016

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life! I’m so glad that I did this program. Not only did my French improve tremendously, but I also made new friends, gained some amazing experiences, and developed a new sense of independence. The people who run the program are great, and Tours itself is wonderful. I want to go back! The activities, food, living conditions, and teachers were all fantastic. You truly learn more about the French culture.

Audrey Kirwan, Tours 2016

Studying abroad in Tours was my favorite Georgetown experience! The classes we took greatly improved my French writing, speaking, and comprehension skills. My host family was absolutely great! Speaking French with my host family and their friends made me more comfortable and confident with the language. Our group visits to nearby châteaux and museums were fun and very educational. There was also plenty of time for additional travel on weekends and our four-day weekend! During my summer in France, I was able to go on a bike tour of the Loire, hike in the Alps, canoe in the Cher river, swim at La Rochelle, celebrate la fête nationale, and travel with my parents to Paris, Normandy, Mont Saint-Michel, and Saint-Malo after the program was over. 

Victoria Carroll, Tours 2015

As someone who started learning French at Georgetown, I found the Tours program to be instrumental in getting me to proficiency in French. I think the program would work well for anyone who can’t study abroad a semester as well as a complement to a full semester in France. After the Tours program, I was much better prepared to spend a semester at Sciences Po Lyon. While there are multiple weekend excursions to give you significant exposure to French culture and daily life, the program includes plenty of unplanned time to allow you to travel, explore Tours on your own and, of course, work on your French. My host family was incredibly welcoming and we still occasionally exchange emails over a year later. By the end of the program I began to feel comfortable thinking on the spot and having conversations in French. 

Andrew Frank, Tours 2015

I highly recommend the Summer in Tours program. I have never learned so much at such a rapid pace or in such an enjoyable manner in my life. Touring the châteaux and other historic sites was so much more meaningful with guides and activities to accompany. Bread and pastries will never taste the same after you return from this trip. Most importantly, the home stay experience is so valuable. I left France with a much greater understanding of the private life of the French and having established lifelong connections with amazing people. You will work hard at your studies, but it will always feel like vacation. 

Elenita Nicholas, Tours 2015

Through the Georgetown Summer Program in Tours, I had the chance to explore one of the cultures in the world that was new to me. It was amazing to see the differences between life in France and life in the US, especially while living with a French host family and being completely immersed with their culture, values, politics, and of course their delicious food. While taking classes at the Institut de Touraine, I loved the diversity of the students in my class; each came from a different part of the world which paved the way for great conversations with our professors. These conversations have definitely made an impact on my understanding of the world and the huge role that globalization plays today.

Tala Anchassi, Tours 2016