Academic Year 2023-2024

Department Chair

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Tenure-Line Faculty

Jennifer Boum Make
Assistant Professor
Caribbean and Mediterranean studies; 20th and 21st-century comparative literature; ethics

Durmelat, Sylvie

Sylvie Durmelat
Associate Professor
Postcolonial legacies and their embodiments; food studies; immigration; France and North Africa

Joseph R. Johnson

Joseph Johnson
Assistant Professor
Medieval literature and philosophy; manuscript studies; psychoanalysis; deconstruction

Kone, Amadou

Amadou Koné
Professor Emeritus
Oral literature; African and French novel; African theater; African culture and history; post-colonial study; comparative literature and culture

Susanna Lee
Department Chair
19th-century; novel; crime; theory; ethics; religion; comparative literature

Johann Le Guelte
Assistant Professor, Provost’s Distinguished Faculty Fellow

Lesko Baker, Deborah

Deborah Lesko Baker
Professor and Chair Emerita
Renaissance poetry; poetics; translation


Anne O’Neil-Henry
Associate Professor
19th-century French culture; popular literature; the city of Paris; cultural studies; new media studies

Milena Santoro

Miléna Santoro
Associate Professor
Quebec cinema; indigenous cinema of Canada; French and Francophone women novelists; Quebec literature; Quebec culture; comparative literature (France and Quebec)

Sobanet, Andrew

Andrew Sobanet
20th and 21st-century literature and culture; European history; testimony; mass media

Spielmann, Guy

Guy Spielmann
Associate Professor
Spectacle; performance; theater; popular culture; language acquisition

Susan Suleiman
Affiliate Faculty
20th-century French literature and culture; Avant-Garde movements and theories of the Avant-Garde; feminist theory; problems of narrative

Taminiaux, Pierre

Pierre Taminiaux
20th-century French literature and visual arts

Erin Twohig

Erin Twohig
Associate Professor

Young, Paul

Paul J Young
Associate Professor
18th-century French literature; 18th-century French women writers; the libertine novel; architecture

Full-Time Non-Tenure-Line Faculty

Andrade, Amandine

Amandine Andrade
Associate Teaching Professor
Advanced Level

Boutheina Bridaa
Associate Teaching Professor
Topics in Oral Proficiency and Business French


Stella J Cohen-Scali
Assistant Teaching Professor
Introductory and Intermediate Levels

Aaron Emmitte

Aaron Emmitte
Associate Teaching Professor
Introductory Level

Farima Sadigh Mostowfi

Farima Sadigh Mostowfi
Associate Teaching Professor and Director, Persian Program
Topics in Oral Proficiency


Iris Smorodinsky
Teaching Professor
Intermediate Level

Webel, Alissa

Alissa Webel
Associate Teaching Professor
Intermediate and Advanced Levels



Guillaume Daumas 
Advanced Level

Nezha Erradi

Janssens, Peter

Peter Alfons Janssens
Introductory Level

S. Ameneh Madjlessi