French Minor

Basilique de Fourvière, Lyon

Students from all Main Campus Schools are welcome to minor in French. French minors achieve proficiency in the French language and then further develop their understanding of the French and Francophone world. By complementing their primary fields of study with a French minor, students will bolster their linguistic, cultural, and literary knowledge and further their exploration of the humanities. Students’ enhanced exposure to French and Francophone cultures comes coupled with more refined writing, research, and critical thinking abilities.

Students minoring in French must take a total of 6 French classes, beginning at the Intermediate Level or above, including at least one Gateway course (3350 or 3351).

Following the Advanced Level, the typical progression to the minor is as follows: students completing (non-intensive) FREN 2002 will take FREN 2551 before enrolling in Gateway 3350 & 3351; students completing (intensive) FREN 2012 will enroll directly in the Gateway.

Please note:

  • AP credits count toward the minor.
  • At least 3 of the 6 required courses have to be taken at Georgetown.
  • French 2761 or 2762 (Topics for Oral Proficiency) may count toward the minor only if the student has previously taken FREN 2551 (Advanced Grammar and Writing). FREN 2761 or 2762 may not count toward the minor if taken after a 3000-level or higher course.

Please click here to see our Guidelines for Credit Transfer from Study Abroad