Graduate Student Enrollment and Testing Information

The French Department offers standard 4-skill-based language courses at various levels and welcomes Graduate students interested in registering for these courses, enrollment space permitting. Please follow these steps prior to registering for a French course.

Taking the Online Placement Test:

Graduate students, as all incoming students, should take our Online Placement Test (see to determine their appropriate level. This exam takes roughly two hours. We recommend you take it prior to the first day of classes.

Based on your score and on our placement scale, a French course at the appropriate level will be recommended.  The instruction on the Placement Scale will direct you to the appropriate person to contact before the first week of classes if you have questions concerning your level.

Enrolling in a French course:

The My Access system does not allow incoming Graduate students to enroll in a French course electronically, as Undergraduate students have priority in enrolling in language classes.

Graduate students enroll via an add-drop form before the end of the add-drop period, provided there is still room under the enrollment cap. To that end, we suggest that you e-mail the instructor of the section you would prefer before the first week of classes so that s/he has a record of your interest in enrolling. 

Individual students are encouraged to contact Senior Language Coordinator, Prof. Alissa Webel for guidance in pursuing the most promising enrollment options.  

Since the French department offers multiple sections of language classes, the department will do everything it can to ensure that Graduate students will be able to enroll in one of them, at a time that is workable for their schedules. 

Examinations for Graduate Students:

The Department offers the SFS Proficiency exam to MSFS, MAGES, and MAGHD candidates in November and April. To find out more about this exam, please see here.

Doctoral students needing to take the French proficiency exam as part of a degree requirement may contact our Graduate Student examiner, Professor Aaron Emmitte (, at any time throughout the academic year to discuss and obtain  more information about the exact type of exam they will be required to take and to find out how to prepare for it independently.