Courses Currently Offered

Spring 2021

FREN-001 Introductory French I
A. Emmitte 

FREN-002 Introductory French II
A. EmmitteP. Janssens

FREN-009 French for Spanish Speakers
P. Balestra

FREN-011 Intensive Basic French
S. Cohen-Scali

FREN-021 Intermediate French I
N. Erradi, S. Cohen-Scali, Z. Mirsharif

FREN-022 Intermediate French II
G. Daumas, I. Smorodinsky, N. Erradi, S. Cohen-Scali,

FREN-032 Intensive Intermediate French 
A. Webel

FREN-101 Advanced French I
A. Andrade, G. Simonnet

FREN-102 Advanced French II
A. Andrade, J. Boum Make, P. Taminiaux

FREN-111 Intensive Advanced French I
E. Twohig & I. Smorodinsky

FREN-112 Intensive Advanced French II
A. Webel & J. Boum Make

FREN-151 Advanced Grammar and Writing
S.A. Madjlessi, S. Lee

FREN-161 Topics for Oral Proficiency
B. Bridaa, S. Durmelat

FREN-250 Rdg Txts/Fr-Speak World: Cultures
A. O’Neil-Henry, P. Taminiaux

FREN-251 Rdg Txts/Fr-Speak World: Lits
M. Santoro, P. Young

FREN-293 Business French
B. Bridaa

FREN-294 French for Politics
A. Webel

FREN-338 Childhood Narratives: N. Africa 
E. Twohig

FREN-369 Looking at the Enlightenment
P. Young

FREN-434 Quebec Society & Film
M. Santoro

FREN-473 Maladies/Miracle Cures 19C France
S. Lee