Current Course Offerings

Fall 2023

FREN 1001 Introductory French I
S. Cohen-Scali, A. Emmitte, P. Janssens

FREN 1002 Introductory French II
A. Emmitte, E. Twohig

FREN 1009 French for Spanish Speakers
J. Sanderson

FREN 1011 Intensive Basic French
S. Cohen-Scali

FREN 1501 Intermediate French I
S. Cohen-Scali, G. Daumas, S. Durmelat, Z. Mirsharif

FREN 1502 Intermediate French II
G. Daumas, N. Erradi, S.A. Madjlessi, P. Young

FREN 1511 Intensive Intermediate French 
H. Anaye, G. Daumas, I. Smorodinsky, A. Webel

FREN 2001 Advanced French I
J. Boum Make, N. Erradi, C. Grand Favre, J. Johnson

FREN 2002 Advanced French II
A. Andrade, N. Erradi, C. Grand Favre, J. Johnson

FREN 2011 Intensive Advanced French I
J. Le Guelte & I. Smorodinsky

FREN 2012 Intensive Advanced French II
M. Santoro & A. Webel

FREN 2551 Advanced Grammar and Writing
G. Spielmann, P. Young

FREN 2761 Topics for Oral Proficiency
B. Bridaa, C. Grand Favre

FREN 2762 Topics for French Oral Proficiency: Francophone Africa
B. Bridaa

FREN 3350 Rdg Txts/Fr-Speak World: Cultures
J. Le Guelte, E. Twohig

FREN 3351 Rdg Txts/Fr-Speak World: Lits
J. Boum Make

FREN 3701 Business French
B. Bridaa

FREN 3703 French Phonetics
I. Smorodinsky

FREN 4366 (Non)Conforming in 17-c France
G. Spielmann

FREN 4381 Immigration and Cinema
S. Durmelat

FREN 4536 Albert Camus and His Times
A. Sobanet

FREN 4782 Law & Order in the French Detective Novel
S. Lee