Summer in Tours: FREN 119: The Cultural Integration Workshop

During the first two weeks of the program, all students will enroll and partake in our Cultural Integration Workshop (FREN 119). This intensive workshop meets daily for approximately three hours and aims to familiarize students with the linguistic and cultural realities of modern French society and equip them with the skills necessary to live in France. Program Directors Aaron Emmitte (Tours) and Amandine Andrade (Tours+Paris) as well as one additional Georgetown faculty member teach this course.

Click here to download a copy of last summer’s FREN 119 syllabus.

Additionally, all students will register for one additional course. This course number corresponds to the language classes taken at the Institut de Touraine. Use the following chart to determine your second course number:  

If you will have completed… register in…
High School French
Introductory French I/II (001/002)
Intensive Basic French (011)
Intermediate French I (021)
Intermediate French II (022)
Intensive Intermediate French (032)
FREN 222: Lang/Cult Immersion 1: Tours
Advanced French I/II (101/102)
Intensive Advanced French I/II (111-112)
FREN 223: Lang/Cult Immersion 2: Tours
Advanced Grammar & Writing (151)
Topics for Oral Proficiency (161)
Social History of the French People (215)
Any course above 251, but without having completed either 250 or 251
FREN 224: Lang/Cult Immersion 3: Tours
Reading French Texts: Cultures (250) or Literatures (251)
Any course above 251, after having completed either 250 or 251
FREN 282: Lang/Cult Elective: Tours

The grade for FREN-119-62: French Cultural Integration Workshop is based on homework and participation in class and in program activities. The grade for the four-week session, given by Institut faculty, reflects performance in oral and written expression as well as listening and reading comprehension; it is translated into a GU letter grade according to a standard conversion scale.