Summer French Language Institute

The French Language Institute at Georgetown Summer School combines the benefits of formal classroom learning and real-world applications to accelerate students’ understanding of the language, both written and oral. Organized by the Department of French and Francophone Studies, the French Language Institute engages students in a series of in-depth discussions of French and Francophone cultures that highlight the diversity of peoples who speak French.

Classes are small so as to ensure that students benefit from individual attention both inside and outside of the classroom. Students of the institute will learn from the most experienced, dedicated, and diverse faculty, who incorporate a wide range of current teaching methodologies and technology-based instruction.

Courses are supplemented with various activities outside of the classroom that expose students to the cultures and histories of various French and Francophone groups. These activities may include:

  • Gathering for weekly crêpes/coffee for a fun and traditional French snack while practicing one’s language skills with a mix of faculty and other students.
  • Participating in entertainment-based activities such as seeing French films, eating at local French restaurants, and playing traditional French games (such as boules).
  • Visiting local museums and embassies with francophone exhibits.
  • Learning from real-time and on-demand current media resources as well as the latest classroom language learning technology in the CNDLS Language Lab.

By the end of the summer, students of the institute will have been exposed to the French language and its cultures through a unique combination of classroom learning and authentic interactions with native speakers.

Students interested in the French Language Institute may contact the institute’s Director, Boutheina Bridaa (, with questions.