French Minor

Basilique de Fourvière, Lyon 

Students majoring in other subjects are welcome to minor in French. French minors achieve proficiency in the French language and then further develop their understanding of the French and Francophone world. By complementing their primary fields of study with a French minor, students will bolster their linguistic, cultural, and literary knowledge and further their exploration of the humanities. Students’ enhanced exposure to French and Francophone cultures comes coupled with more refined writing, research, and critical thinking abilities. Six semester courses are required, with the choice between one of the two following options:

Option 1:

FREN-011 & 032 Intensive Basic French, Intensive Intermediate French
FREN-111 & 112 Intensive Advanced French I & II
FREN-250 and 251 Gateway to Culture/Literature

Option 2:

FREN-021 & 022 Intermediate French I & II
FREN-101 & 102 Advanced French I & II
FREN-151 Advanced Grammar and Writing
Plus at least one of the following courses:

FREN-250 Gateway to Culture
FREN-251 Gateway to Literature

Please note: Appropriate exceptions to the sequencing and selection of courses toward the minor may be made with permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Department Chair.