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    The Department of French and Francophone Studies offers amazing programs throughout numerous Francophone countries.

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    The Department of French and Francophone Studies offers a wide array of language learning and specialized courses.

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    Our faculty specializes in culture, literature, and anthropology of various areas of the Francophone world.

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    Professor Alissa Webel

    Professor Alissa Webel incorporates teletandem teaching into her courses at Georgetown, connecting her students with peers at French universities. Photo by Kuna Malik Hamad.

    Teletandem Teaching

Welcome to the Department of French and Francophone Studies at Georgetown University—one of the largest and most diverse in the United States. As part of the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics of Georgetown College, we offer a wide-range of opportunities for undergraduate study of France and the French-speaking world. Our large and diverse department focuses on the integration of French language learning at all levels with a dynamic access to France and the rest of the Francophone world.

Our full and part-time faculty consist of specialists in literature, culture, and the anthropology of France from the middle-ages to the present, second-language learning and linguistics, French for business and economic purposes, theater studies, and gender studies. In addition to metropolitan France, our faculty specialize in specific areas of the Francophone world, including French-speaking Africa, Belgium, Canada, and the Caribbean. The Department of French and Francophone Studies is committed to the enhancement and integration of language learning with a dynamic access to multiple facets of France and the Francophone world.

In a typical academic year we have 75 French majors, over 85 French minors, and more than 1,400 undergraduates enrolled in our courses. The Department of French and Francophone Studies takes pride in providing a strong personalized system in which students work closely with both professors and deans to design four-year academic programs best suited to meet their personal and professional desires and needs. Our recent graduates have gone on to advanced degree work and employment in many areas including law, business, medicine, social administration, sales, public relations, and education. With the increasing internationalization of our social framework, specialization in a language—often in conjunction with another discipline—has become even more necessary and valuable.