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French Minor


Students majoring in other subjects are welcome to minor in French. Six semester courses are required as follows:

For students majoring in a modern language or linguistics:

FREN-011 & 032 Intensive Basic French, Intensive Intermediate French

FREN-111 & 112 Intensive Advanced French I & II

Plus FREN-250 and 251


For all other College students:

FREN-021 & 022 Intermediate French I & II

FREN-101 & 102 Advanced French I & II

FREN-151 Advanced Grammar and Writing


Plus at least one of the following courses:

FREN-250 Gateway to Culture

FREN-251 Gateway to Literature


Please note: Appropriate exceptions to the sequencing and selection of courses toward the minor may be made with permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Department Chair.

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