John Carroll Summer Internship Program at Saint-Omer

Interested in a summer internship in France?

Live in Historic St. Omer and experience centuries of art and culture! Apply for the John Carroll Summer Internship Program at St. Omer.

  • 6 week summer internships at local museums, local government offices, tourist destinations, natural parks, golf clubs, and more. 
  • Gain professional experience in French in research, publicity, marketing, and conservation.

Criteria for applicants to the John Carroll Summer Internship Program:

1. Students must be enrolled in a course in the Department of French and Francophone Studies at the time of the application.

2. Students must have completed at least Advanced French II (102 or 112) to receive consideration for the program.

3. Priority will be given to junior applicants first, followed by sophomores and then freshman students.

4. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0, with greater priority given to students who have achieved higher grades.

Students' internship preferences will be followed as closely as possible, but students may not receive the internship of their first choice. Students will need to fund their own travel to St. Omer. 

For further questions or to request more information, please contact Prof. Farima Mostowfi, St. Omer representative: